Wheat wholemeal of coarse-grain

Wheat wholemeal of coarse-grain
Gaspadar inspires you to enjoy the best and the healthiest bakery. What can be better than life power and energy that are got from nature?! 
Healthy flour for balanced diet is the basis of food safety pyramid because it is full of "healthy" fats, fibers and nutrients.
Wholemeal is the product of grainprocessing that contains all parts of a wheat grain: germ, bran, endosperm that identify the following distinctive features:
  • high contence of mineral substances;
  • high contence of fatty acids and fibers;
  • high water absorbtion;
  • high sugar-forming ability.
Wholemeal is an important sourse of antioxidants, fibre, plant protein, fat, carbohydrates and also vitamins of groups B and E. Such flour is great for making pancakes, fritters, pies because it has richer flavour and appetizing yellowish tint, also due to the fact that it contains bran and wheat germ wholemeal has light nutty flavour. When baking white bread at home the wholemeal is added for improvement of bread taste. Wholemeal lets to get various assortment not only tasty but healthy bakery products.

Shelf-life: 12 months.

It's possible to palletize on euro-pallet (1 pallet = 21 bag)
Paper bag
Polypropylene bag