Flour for pancakes

Semi-finished product of flour ''Flour for pancakes'' is dry mixture of pre-prepared ingredients that are mixed carefully for cooking pancakes according to technilogy (flour, dry milk, salt, sugar, and other components). The ingredients that are used in the semi-finished product comply all safety and sanitary norms and rules.

Cooking method: to 500 grams of the food concentrate of semi-finished product of flour ''Flour for pancakes'' you should add 600-700 ml. of warm milk or water (of 30-40 degrees Celsius), mix up to getting homogeneous mass and complete dissapearing of lumps. It's necessary to bake pancakes on the two sides on a well-hitted pan.

Net weight: 1000 gr.

Group package: 12 packs.

Shelf life: 6 months.
Polyethylene bag