Whole grounded wheat grain

Whole-grounded wheat grain is used as one of the type of additives to ingredients that are used in production of bakery, confectionery and culinary products and is aimed for food sales.

It's recommended for baking of rye breads the main ingredient of which is peeled rye flour with adding into the pastry up to 50% of whole-grounded wheat grain.

It's also used for baking of wheat breads that are made of top grade or first grade wheat flour with adding up to 50% of whole-grounded wheat grain.

Whole-grounded wheat grain is a mixture of big flocuculent particles and grains that are unfolded along the groove, it also contains the large amount of endosperm.

The benefits of the whole-grounded wheat grain:
  • it contains the core set of natural components of a wheat grain (germ, starchy endosperm, bran);
  • the whole grains are not only crushed and flattened into flakes but also grounded into flour;
  • it contains the natural balance of vitamins, minerals, microelements and fiber;
  • due to the large amount of fiber moisture is effectively retained and baking requires less flour;
  • the colour of the crumb of bakery products made by using whole-grounded wheat grain corresponds to the crumb of wheat-rye bread but it has specific golden shade;
  • products that are made by using the whole-grounded wheat grain are beneficial and are the part of healthy and dietary eating.Such products help an organism to remove harmful substances such as heavy metal salts, slags and toxins and are the source of carbohydrates which a body spends differently than the simple ones getting energy from them without the risk of increasing blood sugar and transforming excesses into fat.
Using the whole-grounded wheat grain in recepes your enterprise gets the ability of:
  • expanding the range of production including the innovation one;
  • expading your product sales market due to increasing demand for products of healthy and dietary eating;
  • decreasing the cost of production because the whole-grounded wheat grain is cheaper than top grade wheat flour of traditional grinding;
  • using 100% natural products when cooking bakery products.
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